Want to Join? Here's How


We are a unique Martial Arts school, in that we train one weekend a month for three days--for 20 hours a month. This unlike any other Martial Arts school you've ever encountered. Essentially, Streetfighter Kung Fu Academy is a monthly Martial Arts Boot Camp; no local martial arts school can offer the level of training you will see as a member of our school.


Tuition is a flat rate of $150/month if you choose to train month-to-month. Those who are sure that this is for them can commit to a 12-month program at $1200/year, saving $50/month. We do not use contracts or charge testing fees. The only other expense is a uniform ($75) and the sparring/safety gear--if you want to purchase your own.


There are several ways to join. You can email our Instructor and complete a release and application and mail your payment. We also have a paypal, if you would like to use our secure system and pay with a credit card or your paypal account.


Contact us for more information!

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